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Silent Snow Box Set

Seven Limited Edition Prints, 2020

Featuring winter images from the American Southeast, this series communicates visually the aural  “hush in the woods” after a heavy snow. Each 14″x11″ deckled edge cut piece is printed on archival-quality paper and comes individually wrapped in a clear, acid-free sleeve. Shipping is included (within the U.S.) with the purchase of a box set.

  • EDITIONS: Signed and Numbered, One of 12
  • PRICES: Available as a box set of either seven of eleven prints as selected by J. Michael ($500) or all eleven prints ($750). Prints sold separately as available ($120).
  • PUBLISHED: Flatcreek Studios and Labyrinth, 2020 (all rights reserved, of course)
  • AVAILABILITY: Sold and shipped by J. Michael Dumoulin
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