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By J. Michael Dumoulin

If a Tree Falls in the Forest,” blog post, August, 2011

Finding a Hill in the Bay,” Shoofly Magazine, November 2015

New Boardwalks and Tram Tours at INFINITY Science Center,” Shoofly Magazine, April 2016

Fascinating!,” Shoofly Magazine, April 2016

The Intersection of Art and Science,” blog post, October 2016

Become the Aficionado,” blog post, May, 2017

Oh, the Places You Could Go!,” Shoofly Magazine, January 2020

Muscadine Zen,” Shoofly Magazine, September 2020

All Aboard in the Bay, Part 1,” Shoofly Magazine, February 2021

All Aboard in the Bay, Part 2,” Shoofly Magazine, April 2021

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At Home in the Bay,” story and photos by Ellis Anderson, August 2015

INFINITY Education Mission Gets Major Boost,” story and photos by Ana Balka